The man lost 57 kilograms and revealed errors in losing weight

11 months ago

The young man suffered from panic attacks, was shy of his fullness and for eight years refused to take off his shirt with other people.

A resident of London, suffering from overweight, told how he managed to lose 57 kilograms, and revealed the mistakes made while losing weight, writes

Despite the vegan diet, 26-year-old Harvey Flynn Quirke continued to gain weight. He ate huge portions, drank four liters of cola per day and grew fat to 127 kilograms.

The first attempt to lose weight ended in complete failure. Harvey did not go to the gym because he was afraid of ridicule, and limited himself to fasting, eating only once a day. “I don’t advise anyone to do that,” the man says. – It exhausted me both mentally and physically. “I periodically went hungry for about six months, dropped only 12 kilograms, and immediately gained them back, again bumping into gluttony.”

Things went smoothly only after two friends convinced him to go to the gym with them. This time, he lost 50 kilograms and continued to study alone when acquaintances left for Australia. But the victory was not final. After the death of a close friend at the end of 2019, Harvey stopped monitoring his diet and by the end of the year again weighed 95 kilograms. “I ate a lot, drank alcohol and moved a bit off the coils,” he explains.

In January, a man decided to start a new life. He quit drinking, began counting calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in food, going to the gym six times a week, and setting aside one day for high intensity interval training (HIIT). Five months later, his weight was reduced to 74 kilograms. “I feel more confident and healthy,” he says. “My circulatory system works much better, panic attacks stopped and anxiety almost completely disappeared.”

Recall, scientists believe that a low-calorie diet with a special diet “fits most obese people who want to lose weight,” but they warn that contraindications are possible – the presence of some kind of disease or taking certain medications.

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