The mayor of London announced an ultimatum to the Cabinet, and Prime Minister Johnson was accused of lying

12 months ago

Raise taxes, cut social programs – the British government has decided who will pay for the pandemic. According to the BBC, the national health service remained out of business with financing. The British Ministry of Finance decided that the Ministry of Health is a “bottomless barrel”: no matter how much you don’t pour in, everything is missing.

London Mayor Sadik Khan announces ultimatum to British government He demands to immediately allocate two billion pounds so that the transport system of the city does not go bankrupt. If there is no money, he threatens to reduce the number of buses and subway trains.

In the London subway at rush hour and so on, each other is on his head. The metro operates in a limited mode and is heavily overloaded. This happened after Prime Minister Johnson sent people to work, significantly weakening quarantine.

Rejecting the previous requirement of “staying at home,” Johnson split the country into four parts. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, they said that the new government regulation did not apply to them. And until the end of May they maintain their previous strict regime.

In addition to this, Johnson was again caught lying in the British Parliament when he tried to disown the mistakes that his cabinet had made at the beginning of the epidemic.

“Until March 12, the government officially stated that“ older people in nursing homes are not likely to be infected, ”statistics showed yesterday that 40% of all deaths are people who died in nursing homes. The Prime Minister admits that the government didn’t help people fast enough? ”said Cyrus Starmer, leader of the Labor Party, to the public.

“No, Mr. Speaker, this is not true; this was not in the recommendations,” Johnson replied.

But it turned out that the opposition leader quoted an official document word for word. The situation in nursing homes is now truly terrifying. It became known about a number of cases in which elderly patients were sent back from hospitals.

“It’s very difficult for us to control the situation. Explain to me the logic – why they ask us to take people with a confirmed diagnosis back to nursing homes,” said Andrew Sparsis, the manager of the nursing home.

“We are talking about parallel epidemics in the UK. In addition to what we see in hospitals, epidemics also occur in nursing homes, in residential areas,” the woman said.

As soon as Great Britain became the European leader in mortality from coronavirus, the cabinet ceased to publish a comparative newsletter with data from other countries. They even hid the illness of the head of the government apparatus, Mark Sedville.

According to official figures, more than 33 thousand people died from coronavirus in the UK. This is the second place in the world after the USA – 85 thousand died there. A significant part of them are black Americans and
illegal migrants from Latin America. The latter do not seek medical attention for fear of deportation.

“There is a different social situation with health care. We’ve talked about this for years, and now this problem has proved itself. People have no opportunity to get an education, no economic opportunity. They cannot work from home. They are forced to live and work in cramped circumstances, indoors with a lot of people, “says Pablo Rodriguez, a spokesman for the coronavirus control group in Rhode Island.

At the same time, over five thousand hospitals remain half-empty in the United States, which, due to the epidemic, has been banned from conducting most operations. Industry losses – $ 50 billion per month. Coronavirus destroys the American healthcare system and continues to kill people.

If at the beginning of the epidemic at the University of Washington predicted the deaths of 60 thousand people by early August, now these numbers are already doubled.

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