The Milky Way has a very hot halo

11 months ago

Ohio University astrophysicists have come to the conclusion that the halo that surrounds our Milky Way galaxy is much hotter than previously thought.

New results were presented at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society. In a previous study, researchers at Ohio University found that parts of the Milky Way halo – a halo of dust, gas, and dark matter that surrounds some galaxies – were at least 10 times hotter than imagined. Their new analysis showed that the extreme temperatures that the researchers found in the initial analysis – up to 10 million degrees Kelvin – can be detected throughout the halo.

Smita Mathur, professor of astronomy, said: “We cannot say for sure that such temperatures are everywhere in the halo, we have not analyzed the entire halo. But such heat is definitely not unique. ”

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