11 months ago

The moon disappeared 900 years ago. Why?

11 months ago

One medieval chronicler in England kept the data that heavy rains damaged crops and caused famine “all over the land”. He recorded another stunning fact – the moon had disappeared.

“On the fifth night in May, the moon appeared, brightly shining in the evening, and then gradually its light decreased. As soon as night came, it completely extinguished – no light, no shape, nothing. Later it came back,” wrote an unknown chronicler.

So, why did the moon disappear? According to the chronicler’s records, it did not just disappear behind the clouds or go into the shadows of the Earth, it seemed to have wiped completely out of the sky. According to a study published in Live Science, it was caused by volcanoes.

“A careful assessment of the records indicates the occurrence of several nearby volcanic eruptions. These eruptions that night caused so much smoke and ash in the sky to obscure the moon,” experts say. To this conclusion, studying the ice cores of Greenland and Antarctica, they also found ‘additional evidence of volcanic activity in tree rings of the same period.

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