The most popular iPhone is named

2 weeks ago

The base flagship iPhone 11 was the most popular Apple smartphone in the world. The relevant data of the research company Counterpoint Research were published on the website of the organization.

To assess the demand for iPhone models, experts relied not on shipments or sales, but on the data of the installed base of devices. According to experts, this information provides the actual number of devices in circulation. As of the first quarter of 2021 iPhone 11 was named Apple’s most popular smartphone. In second and third place are the iPhone XR and iPhone 8, respectively. Rounding out the top five are the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 12, introduced last fall.

The most popular iPhone is named

The agency also found out the demand for a product line of Apple smartphones. According to the first three months of the year, the iPhone 11 series is leading, accounting for 25 percent. In second place is the iPhone 12 lineup with a share of 16 percent. For comparison, in the first quarter of 2020 the share of the then current iPhone 11 series was 15 percent, and the share of the iPhone Xs/XR lineup – 21 percent. Analysts noted that the actual series sold better than the iPhone 11 lineup, even though the release of the iPhone 12 was delayed by a month.

Statistics showed the ratio of top models (with the postfix Pro or Max in the name) and basic devices (iPhone 11, 12 and 12 mini). It turned out that at the beginning of 2020, premium gadgets accounted for 44 percent, while a year later the share of top devices has increased. It turned out that the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max accounted for a share of 54 percent.

Earlier Counterpoint Research specialists said that, according to data for the first quarter of 2021, iPhones are at the top of the smartphone market in terms of both sales and cash turnover. The most popular device was the iPhone 12, which accounted for five percent of total sales.

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