The “most productive” maniac in the U.S. has died

The "most productive" maniac in the U.S. has died

One of the most notorious serial killers in the United States, Samuel Little, died in prison at the age of 80.

The FBI recognized Little as the “most productive” killer in the history of the United States. The perpetrator managed to stay free for 35 years, as his victims were women from low-income, marginalized or discriminated against groups of people.

Little himself was convinced that he would never be caught, because his victims “no one cared. Thus, the vast majority of the women he murdered were black and lived on the brink of poverty. The maniac’s victims were often prostitutes or women with drug addiction. In addition, among those murdered were a transgender teenager calling herself Marianne and a “hippie-looking” white woman whom Little had spotted near a strip club.

Often the investigations into the disappearance of these women were not conducted thoroughly enough. Moreover, the deaths of some of those murdered were attributed to drug overdoses or accidents, despite circumstances clearly indicating the violent nature of the deaths. For example, one of Little’s victims, Martha Cunningham, was found in the woods in Tennessee, beaten and naked below the waist, and it was found that some of her jewelry was missing, but police still said that the woman’s death was “natural causes” and in no way related to the crime.

Little committed the murders from 1970 to 2005. The maniac himself confessed to 93 crimes, but investigators have been able to prove his involvement in only 50 of them. They managed to catch Little only in 2012 in a shelter for the homeless, the proof of his guilt was DNA testing from crime scenes, although prior to 1975, he was arrested 26 times in 11 American states.