The mother is accused of setting fire to a car with her 14-month-old son inside

12 months ago

A South Carolina resident is facing several charges, including the attempted murder of her own child left in a burning car

A 14-month-old boy has severe burns to the whole body and is in critical condition at the Burn Center in Georgia. According to the police, on Sunday, rescuers went to a call about a burning car, which blocked the track. According to law enforcement, some good Samaritans got out of their cars to help the baby, while others called 911. Officers detained 23-year-old Cailin Ellis Watson, the mother of the child, when evidence was found that the fire might have been deliberate. In addition to the attempted murder of Watson, charges were made of first-degree arson, third-degree arson and injury to a child. The judge denied bail to the woman, and she remains in Richland County prison. The mother’s motive has not been made public and the investigation is ongoing. It is known that less than a month ago, Watson was arrested for two traffic violations – driving intoxicated and speeding. She was fined $647 and $155, respectively.

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