The movie “Vanguard” with Jackie Chan failed the first weekend rental in the U.S.

The painting was shown in 1375 cinemas of the country. The publication notes that its distribution was held against the backdrop that the authorities of several U.S. states decided to close theaters as part of quarantine measures.

First place in the rating of distribution took the film companies Universal and Blumhouse “Game”, he managed to collect $ 1.2 million. Thus, on the basis of 10 days of displays the amount of box office receipts tape was $ 9.2 million.

The publication noted that this is the worst indicator of the weekend cash register since the premiere of “Dovod” by Christopher Nolan.

The painting “Vanguard: Arctic Wolves” was directed by Stanley Toon, who collaborated with Jackie Chan in the creation of action movies “Disassembling in the Bronx”, “First Strike”, “God’s armor: In Search of Treasures”, “Police Story 3” and others. The film tells the story of how the international security service, which has the latest science and technology, rescues the kidnapped daughter of a Chinese businessman.