The Mummy Returns: How does the ancient curse relate to the coronavirus pandemic?

The Mummy Returns: How does the ancient curse relate to the coronavirus pandemic?

On April 14, 1912, the most famous sea disaster occurred. A giant passenger liner “Titanic” collided with an iceberg and sank. More than one and a half thousand people were killed as a result of the tragedy. On board, except passengers, there were countless treasures. Among them were a blue diamond and a mummy of an Egyptian priestess. The whole world was in shock. How could this happen? After all, the liner was considered unsinkable. And then they remembered the curse of the mummy. A box of perfectly preserved Egyptian priestess mummy from the time of Pharaoh Ehnaton was transported from London to New York. On the amulet in the headboard of the mummy were the words: “Wake up from the sleep in which you sleep, and in an instant you will defeat all opponents. They decided not to hide the valuable cargo in the hold, but to place it behind the bridge. It is believed that the magical forces coming from the mummy had such an effect on the captain’s mind that he made some wrong decisions and directed the Titanic directly onto the iceberg.

“From the moment the mummy of this priestess was discovered, the people who were selling and buying this mummy died immediately. Even the movers who were carrying it had misfortunes. As a result, it was loaded onto the Titanic,” says astrologer Diana Horsand.

In 2019, Egyptian scientists announced a sensational find. In the funeral chambers at a depth of 12 meters were found 59 untouched sarcophagi with mummies inside. They were all richly decorated and accompanied by funerary statuettes. The burial dates back to the period of the 26th Dynasty pharaohs, i.e. it is more than two and a half thousand years old. One of the sarcophagi was opened in the presence of journalists. There was an untouched mummy in it.

The fact that mummies have magical properties was known back in the XVIII century. Powder from the crushed mummy was considered a miracle cure. Physicians added it to the elixirs of life. Many researchers urged not to disturb the ashes of the dead, because in sarcophagi can hide a deadly virus. And indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic that took place on the planet confirmed an ancient prophecy.

“When the discovery was announced in the 20th year, the social networks immediately received wary comments. Every time when the rest of the dead is disturbed, something bad happens. For example, when the spirit of Genghis Khan was disturbed, the spirit of war was awakened. It’s not so much a question of mummies, but of the dead, who don’t like to be disturbed,” Horsand added.

The curse of the Pharaoh was first mentioned in the early XX century, when in 1922 the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen was found. And indeed, a series of mysterious deaths struck many of those who participated in the opening of the sarcophagus. The first victim was Lord Carnarvon, who financed the excavations. Then died in mysterious circumstances, his half-brothers and the man who struck the door of the tomb with a pickaxe. After them – radiologist, who took pictures of the mummy, Carnarvon’s secretary and other members of the expedition. Then, by virtue of the curse, people around the world believed. For example, the leader of the Italian fascists Benito Mussolini, learning about the death of Lord Carnarvon, ordered to immediately remove from his palace the Egyptian mummy delivered to him as a gift.

Almost in all religions, there is a legend that after the death of a man awaits a terrible trial. But few people know that the idea of a terrible trial was born in ancient Egypt. The texts of pyramids and sarcophagi describe the process of transition of the soul of the deceased into the other world. In front of the ruler of the afterlife sitting on the throne, God Osiris, there are scales on which he weighs the heart of the deceased, his evil and good deeds.

The Egyptians did not separate real life from the afterlife. Death is not the end, but only a new beginning. It is a revival, continuation of the existence of the immortal soul of man in the other world, continuation of its journey through eternity. Modern scientists have established that every person, in addition to physical appearance, has a mental. This aura has even been learned to measure. That is why it was so important to preserve the body intact, because after death, a person will continue to live as a double. Egyptologists are still puzzling over the text written by the ancient priest Manefon. This is where the sensational data is stored. It turns out that Egypt was ruled by the dead.