The new hurricane season in the US will be very stressful

12 months ago

The upcoming season of tropical storms and hurricanes off the Atlantic coast of North America will be extremely active. This forecast was made by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

According to this forecast, there will be 19 storms strong enough to get names this season. During the normal season, an average of 12 storms occur with wind speeds above 60 kilometers per hour.

Moreover, according to the forecast, from 19 storms in 2020, from six to 10 can become hurricanes, and from three to six will have wind speeds of up to 180 kilometers per hour. The reasons for the intensification of the management called overheating of the water, the lack of Pacific El Nino and a stronger African monsoon.

Other forecasters believe that storm activity may be higher. And that this season will be the largest number of hurricanes since 2005, when a record 28 storms formed, and New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

By the way, the first tropical storm, which turned out to be strong enough to get the name – “Arthur” – was formed on May 16. While the traditionally stormy season begins on June 1.

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