The New York Times journalist criticized Zuckerberg for weak attempts to “curb trump”

The social network Facebook has taken steps to curb Donald Trump. But this is too little and too late.

This was written in an article for The New York Times by Cara Swisher, an American technology business journalist and co-founder of Recode.

“I put the dishes in the dishwasher,” my son recently told me, as if it were a favor, not his duty. This prompted me to write to you, Mark Zuckerberg, the executive director of Facebook, with all the annoyance of my mother, whose last nerves ended a long time ago when it comes to abuses that flourish on your platform. I want to tell you: you don’t get applause for doing the tiny right thing after doing the wrong thing for too long. Last week, you announced that you had finally added shortcuts to the most egregious dreg that is being broadcast on Facebook by President Trump. But this is too little and too late.

And it is too prudent. You and other Facebook executives continue to pull the hackneyed phrase: “We know that we still have a lot of work.” It’s annoying and you won’t like it when I’m annoyed. ”

According to Swisher, Facebook began to label publications, although recently the company said it would not.

“This happened in response to a campaign to convince advertisers to boycott your company, a movement known as Stop the Hate,” Swisher notes.

Organized by N.A.A.C.P., ADL, Color of Change and others, this fast-paced campaign is aimed directly at Facebook. The campaign was joined by Patagonia, REI and consumer goods giant Unilever.

However, other companies, such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola, do not join Stop the Hate, but instead claim to stop marketing on all social networks. “As if all social networks are equal. No, not all, ”says Kara Swisher.

According to the journalist, such a position will only harm the smaller companies, such as Snap and Twitter, which are trying to more actively solve this problem.

“It’s not fair to mix them with you; they have fewer resources to withstand the marketing drought. Since Facebook and Google are the dominant players in digital advertising, the issue of hate and misinformation on social networks is up to you. Your stranglehold in the advertising business is undoubtedly the source of your power. “I recently talked to some business people who rely on Facebook and they are all afraid to speak out against your platform publicly.”

According to Kara Swisher, the leaders of various companies are simply forced to continue advertising on Facebook, because they have no other choice.

For example, Starbucks has not deleted its Facebook page, which hosts content for nearly 36 million subscribers.

“So it’s time to leave. After many years of inertia and the infrequent use of Facebook, this week I finally took the first big steps to leave by deactivating my personal page and removing my brand page … Most likely, I will soon delete Instagram pages as soon as I decide what to do with the materials posted there. ”

Kara Fisher said that when she deleted the page on Facebook, she received a system message about why she wants to do this. Among the reasons, the journalist indicated: “concern”; “I don’t feel safe on Facebook”; “I do not find Facebook useful.”

“This column – and deactivating my account – is my way to clear my world. But to say that I am sure that you, Mark Zuckerberg, will contribute to the purification of the rest of the world would be an exaggeration. Facebook’s still high stock price and your complete control of the company means that you can and will continue to do whatever you want. ”

Kara Swisher recalled that the popular Reddit site, after updating its content policy, blocked the r / The_Donald community, in which supporters of US President Donald Trump spoke. In addition, Twitch’s live webcasting platform blocked U.S. President Donald Trump’s account for hating him.

“Underneath all this, I want to say, Mark, you have to put your dirty plates in the dishwasher without my knowledge, just because you need to,” summed up Kara Swisher.