10 months ago

The next check with money from the government may be the last

10 months ago

The Americans are still waiting in line for financial assistance from the government because of the coronavirus pandemic, but do not wait for new payments – the next check will most likely be the last.

Millions of Americans lost their jobs due to COVID-19, while most workers were cut salaries. Things went so bad in March that lawmakers passed the $ 2 trillion CARES Act, which included a one-time incentive payment of $ 1,200 for an adult and $ 500 for a child under 17 years of age.

Many people have already received – and have spent – their money, and unemployment rates are still at a record high; lawmakers have adopted a second package of HEROES to provide much-needed assistance. But Republicans opposed the law, and most likely, the following packages will not be accepted, so Americans should not wait any longer for financial support, economists say.

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