“The Northern California Rapist has been convicted of 46 crimes since 1991

The so-called Northern California Rapist was found guilty on all 46 counts of the 1991 attacks.

DNA samples link 60-year-old Roy Charles Waller to attacks on nine women in six Northern California districts over 15 years ago. The Supreme Court in Sacramento found him guilty.

The jury deliberated in just 2.5 hours and convicted the serial rapist on all counts, bringing him to justice for a series of horrific residential attacks between 1991 and 2006. His prosecution included 46 counts, including rape, sodomy and kidnapping.

“Twenty-nine years of waiting – and an amazing, great day. I am very grateful to everyone who helped solve this case,” said Nicole Ernest Pate, who became Waller’s first known victim.

Investigators have identified Waller through the publicly available genealogical website GEDMatch, which was also used to bring to justice Joseph DeAngelo’s “Golden State killer. Waller’s DNA evidence was present at almost every crime scene.

Waller was an employee of the University of California at Berkeley, where he worked as a security specialist with the Department of Environment, Health and Safety. Police and school officials said none of the attacks took place on campus. Waller’s method of action was to get the victim’s name, study her daily routine, break into the women’s home late at night, tie her up and brutally rape her. Authorities said he mainly chose young Asian women.