The number of Jews in the world: in France there are three times more Jews than in Russia

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish Agency reported that the number of Jews in the world reached 15.2 million – 100,000 more than a year earlier. Fifty-five percent of Jews live in the diaspora.

Nevertheless, it is Israel that ranks first in terms of Jewish population – it is 6930000 people. In second place is the United States with about 60,000,000 Jews, followed by France with 446,000 Jews and Canada with a Jewish community of 393,000.

In fifth place is Great Britain, with 292000,000 Jews, followed by Argentina with 175,000 Jews, and Russia with 150,000 Jews. There are 118,000 Jews in Germany and Australia. The last place in the top ten is Brazil with 91,000 Jews.

Jewish population in the Muslim countries does not exceed 27000 people. Of those 14,500 live in Turkey, 9,500 in Iran, 2,000 in Morocco and 1,000 in Tunisia.

The “Sokhnut” stresses: the data are based on Jewish self-identification and not on affiliation to religious institutions. It also notes that the number of persons eligible for repatriation to Israel is more than 25000000 people.

We should add that the Jewish Agency’s figures diverge from those published by Israel’s CSB in April 2021. At that time, it was reported that the number of Jews in the world by the end of 2019 was 14.8 million – the same number as in 1925.