The number of unemployed in the world will exceed 200 million by 2022

The organization’s experts tried to shed light on the state of the global labor market after the crisis phenomena of last year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the fact that by 2022 the number of unemployed around the world could exceed 200 million people. This is stated in the analytical report of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The researchers note that despite the devastating impact of the coronary crisis on the employment market, the employment situation will begin to improve by the end of this year.

The number of unemployed in the world will exceed 200 million by 2022

However, this will be uneven depending on the region of the world, as vaccination campaigns in different countries reach different numbers of people, and access to coronavirus vaccines remains limited.

“Reduced employment and working hours have led to a sharp drop in people’s incomes and an increase in poverty,” the report, published on the ILO website, said.

The organization’s experts estimate that today there are already more than 100 million people below the poverty line who are in full-time employment.

“Five years of progress in eradicating worker poverty have been reversed,” the report says.

The ILO has also developed a blueprint for an early labor market recovery and for addressing the effects of the coronary crisis. The document details proposals for streamlining the work process and creating new jobs. You can read the draft on the organization’s website.