The official Twitter account of Passport Canada outraged Canadians – he urged “to prepare for winter vacation abroad”

Twitter users from Canada were very surprised to see Passport Canada post that “it’s time to prepare for winter vacation” in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Friday, the official Passport Canada account had the entry “Planning a winter vacation, but don’t you have a foreign passport? Don’t wait, apply now!”

For several months now, Travel Canada has been urging Canadians not to travel abroad and to travel to another country only if absolutely necessary, with all security measures in place, and at best to avoid travel even to other provinces.

In addition, the country remains strained with coronavirus infection, with 4617 new cases reported last Saturday.

Twitter users were surprised at the post of Passport Canada: “Most of us can’t even visit relatives in other provinces, but you suggest going on vacation to another country? – write in comments.

The post was posted using Hootsuite, a service for creating delayed posts on Twitter. At the moment, the post has been removed.