The oldest shark attack victim discovered in Japan

During excavations in Japan were found the remains of a man who is probably one of the oldest surviving victims of shark attacks.

The study conducted by researchers from Oxford University and concluded that the man died between 1370 and 1010 years BC. However, scientists were confused by the number of wounds and marks on the bones. By method of elimination, they found that the remains belong to the victim of a shark attack.

On the remains were found traces of 790 deep jagged wounds. Scientists assume that the shark injured the arms, legs, front of the chest and abdomen of the person. That said, the victim was alive after the attack, although the shark bit off his left arm.

“Then the man may have been fishing with his companions when the attack occurred. Judging by the nature and location of the teeth marks, it was most likely a tiger shark or a white shark,” the scientists said.

The oldest shark attack victim discovered in Japan

It remains unknown whether the victim hunted the shark himself or whether the predator was attracted by the scent of human blood.