The only photo of Neil Armstrong taken on the moon is up for auction

he only photo of Neil Armstrong taken on the moon, put up for auctionphotograph of Neil Armstrong (Neil Armstrong) during his stay on the moon as part of the mission “Apollo 11” want to sell at a price of 39,700 to 66,200 dollars.

A single photograph of astronaut Neil Armstrong standing on the moon is to be auctioned at Christie’s. The image is part of a bid that includes about 2,400 photos from NASA’s ” Golden age of space exploration.”

“The collection is the Agency’s most comprehensive private photo collection and covers all visual milestones of the space program, from the early days of mercury to the triumphs of Apollo,” Christie’s said in an announcement.

In the iconic photo, Armstrong stands on the surface of the moon next to the American flag. It was captured by buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon and the first person to take a selfie in space. Aldrin’s selfies are also being auctioned for between $ 7,950 and $ 10,600.

Armstrong died in 2012 at the age of 82.