11 months ago

The pandemic could be worth a Trump Majority in the Senate

11 months ago

The new poll showed that the coronavirus is undermining the influence of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party on two of the most important election issues: health and the economy. The pandemic could cost him a majority in the Senate, writes Business Insider.

The most important political goal of Republicans in the new elections is to maintain a majority in the Senate. Without Republican control, Trump has no way forward, and if former vice president Joe Biden takes over the White House, the Democrats will have full power over Parliament. Since the public health and economic crisis hit the country against the backdrop of a pandemic, Democrats have a very good chance of getting the Senate, political analysts say.

“We are considering at least 50% of the chances that Democrats could become a majority in the Senate, and I think those chances are likely to increase,” said Jessica Taylor, author of a survey conducted by The Cook Political Report.

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