The pandemic could last another year

The pandemic could last another year or more, says a group of world-class doctors. Most healthcare leaders aren’t looking forward to effective vaccines or treatments anytime soon.

The survey, conducted by Lazard during the last week of May and the first half of June, was attended by 184 experts in the field of medicine and pharmacology. Most believe there will be no vaccine available in the coming year, despite the urgency of the issues, investment and collaboration in the biopharmaceutical industry. Even new technologies that can accelerate development timelines will not overcome existing scientific and technical barriers to developing vaccines against coronavirus.

Most health leaders also believe that it may take more than a year or two before effective treatment appears. In fact, only 49% of healthcare industry leaders adhere to the likelihood of getting the drug.

Consequently, two-thirds of industry leaders expect the pandemic to continue through the end of 2021 and possibly longer.