The particular danger of coronavirus for bald men is explained

11 months ago

For bald men, coronavirus infection is particularly dangerous and more often entails serious consequences. This is due to a lack of androgen hormone, says Brown University professor Carlos Vambier. His words are quoted by the Telegraph.

A group of scientists under his leadership found that it is androgens that contribute to the suppression of the virus in the body. Doctors are considering the possibility of hormonal therapy for patients with COVID-19. However, at this stage, the effectiveness of such treatment raises questions.

According to a study conducted in Spain, 79 percent of deaths with COVID-19 men were bald. Due to such statistics, this phenomenon has already been called the “sign of Gabrin” – in honor of Frank Gabrin, the first doctor who died of a virus in the United States. He was also bald.

Earlier it was reported that mortality from coronavirus among men exceeds mortality among women. The reason for this was a more intensive production of antibodies among patients in serious condition. It was also previously believed that the high level of testosterone in the blood of patients with a stronger sex affects the complex course of the disease.

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