The Pentagon assessed the possibility of a nuclear war with Russia

The Pentagon assessed the possibility of a nuclear war with Russia

Admiral Charles Richard, the Commander of the Strategic Command of the US Armed Forces (Armed Forces), assessed the possibility of a nuclear war with Russia or China. He wrote this in an article for the official publication of the United States Naval Institute.

According to him, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Pentagon had not had to consider the possibility of a direct military confrontation with a nuclear power, but now the situation has changed.

“There is a real possibility that a regional crisis with Russia or China could quickly escalate into a conflict involving nuclear weapons if, in their view, a threat to the political system or the state were to occur in the event of a conventional weapons defeat,” Richard said. He added that Washington should not rule out the possibility of nuclear weapons being used by likely adversaries.

According to the admiral, Russia and China allegedly began pursuing aggressive policies while the U.S. Defense Department focused on fighting terrorism. He said the countries were defying international norms by force in ways “not seen since the height of the Cold War,” and urged that such actions should not go unanswered.

Richard stressed that the U.S. must “actively compete” to deter aggression by other countries. “By yielding to their initiatives, we risk reinforcing their perceptions that the United States is unwilling or unable to respond, which could further embolden them,” the U.S. admiral concluded.

Earlier in January, scientists at Rutgers University in the United States disclosed that the large-scale use of nuclear weapons in a war would cause unprecedented climate change in the equatorial Pacific, reducing algae populations by 40 percent and reducing fish catches.