The permanent representative of the USA at NATO delivered Turkey the ultimatum because of S-400

The permanent representative of the USA to NATO Kaye Baylee Hutchinson on air of CNBC TV channel said that Turkey has to refuse the Russian S-400 complexes if it hopes to receive the American F-35 planes.
According to her, Russia at the moment is the main rival of the USA in the
world and NATO, and Moscow allegedly constantly tries to weaken and divide alliance therefore Turkey cannot have arms for opposition to the American rockets.
Besides, Hutchinson noted that “Turkey is the sovereign state which can
independently make the decision”, but Ankara will not receive F-35 if in its
territory the Russian S-400 are located.
“You have to make a choice. You can have either one or another, but not
both”, — told the permanent representative.
Earlier Ankara repeatedly stated that it will not refuse purchase of the Russian surface-to-air missile systems. According to terms of the contract, the first S-400 party will arrive in July.
Turkey also participates in the international program of the USA for creation of the military F-35 planes. Ankara repeatedly pointed that the Russian surface-to-air missile systems do not pose in themselves threat for the American fighters.
Also, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlyut Chavushoglu said that the
surface-to-air missile systems of the Russian production delivered to the country will not be integrated into an air defense system of NATO.