The Pope met with Spider-Man

The Pope and Spider-Man, whose mask hides 28-year-old Italian Mattia Villardita, had an audience at the Vatican today.

The Italian has been donning a superhero costume to perform in children’s hospitals for four years. During the meeting, Villardita was also in costume, shook hands with the pope and even gave him a Spider-Man mask.

“But the real superheroes are the children who suffer and their families who fight with so much hope,” Spider-Man told the Vatican press.

Even during the Villardita pandemic, other “superheroes” continued their work. Spider-Man admitted that he made 1,400 video calls because he couldn’t come in person to the ward of sick children.

By the way, Mattia Villardita, who underwent several operations to treat a congenital disease, was awarded an honorary knighthood.