10 months ago

The post of the mother, who decided to eat ice cream for her daughter, not knowing that she used it as toilet paper, became viral

10 months ago

With children, you learn to be ready for anything, but sometimes even the most experienced mother, who has gone through fire and water, can be taken by surprise – as was the case with Sidney Page Anderson from Millgill (Georgia). The woman literally woke up famous after she shared on her Facebook page the wacked story that had recently happened to her and her daughter, 4-year-old Blakely.

“Today I bought Blakely’s ice cream – a woman writes in a post that has already liked 243 thousand people and shared almost 300 thousand. – She went into the living room with a horn in her hand, eaten only half (like everything I buy for her), and gave to me. You know what usually happens next: all of us mothers eat up for our children – so I quickly licked a little so that it would not drip onto the floor, and then noticed that she was looking at me strangely. ”

“I asked her what was the matter, and she answered:“ So what exactly can be done? ” Naturally, I was immediately scared wildly, because I did not know what exactly happened. Maybe she dropped it and was afraid to say. In general, we stand and look at each other, then at the ice cream cone, and then she says: “I accidentally wiped it with them.” To Sydney’s question about how such a thing could have happened and why it was necessary to give her mother’s ice-cream afterwards, the girl said that she had simply forgotten the toilet paper in her hand and assured her that there was nothing to worry about, because she was “just peeing”.

“If you suddenly need me,” Sydney concludes the post, “I’ll be in the bathroom, wash my mouth with Chlorox.” A woman who runs a blog called Someone hold my beer, which shares funny stories about her children, admits that she did not expect such a reaction to the story at all. “I posted it on the page that I created on Facebook a week ago, for friends and family, and then someone suddenly shared a post – and off we go. She says. “I went to bed with 30 subscribers, and woke up with 40 thousand.”

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