The postponement of the debate in the United States was seen as an attempt to hide the truth about Trump’s health

The postponement of the second round of the US presidential candidate debate benefits incumbent leader Donald Trump and may be an attempt to hide the truth about his health. This was told by assistant professor of political science at the University of Western Missouri Melinda Kovacs, reports RIA Novosti.

According to her, the American leader spoke about his health more than doctors, and therefore postponing the debate would be “a way to hide the seriousness of his illness, if it is really serious.”

Trump may simply benefit from the fact that his main opponent, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, will not be able to strengthen his position, Kovacs said. At the same time, the Democrat’s headquarters can use the situation itself: “They will frame it as Trump does not want to give Biden a victory in the second debate.”

Among the reasons for the refusal, the expert noted the limitations of the online format, in which the president can simply turn off the sound if he starts interrupting the opponent and speaking out of turn.

Earlier, Trump’s physician Sean Conley spoke about the condition of the American leader. According to him, the head of the White House has no signs of a progressive disease, he responds well to treatment. “I have full confidence in the President’s safe return to public communication at this time [Oct 10],” Conley said.

The Trump-Biden debate, scheduled for October 15, was proposed to be held online, but the president did not agree to this. He noted that he feels great and is ready to debate. At the same time, Trump’s headquarters agreed to postpone the second round to October 22.

At the same time, the third round of debates was originally scheduled for this day. He was also offered to be moved for a week and held 5 days before the elections – on October 29, but here Biden refused. Instead of the event scheduled for October 15, Biden will answer questions from voters, and Trump will hold a rally.

Trump’s infection with the coronavirus became known on the morning of October 2. His wife Melania Trump also tested positive for coronavirus. A few days later he was discharged from the hospital. At the same time, it became known that the American leader was prescribed a cocktail of antiviral antibodies, which is being created by the Regeneron company.