The prime minister of Denmark got married, although the wedding was postponed three times

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is married to film director Bo Tengberg. The wedding celebration had to be postponed three times due to various political issues.

This is reported by the British tabloid Daily Mail.

The couple were married in the Magleby Church on the Danish island of Zealand. There the lovers rested.

The ceremony lasted about 40 minutes.

During the year, the 42-year-old bride and 55-year-old groom postponed the wedding ceremony three times. They wanted to get married back in June last year, but postponed the wedding due to early parliamentary elections, as a result of which Frederiksen became prime minister.

Then the wedding was scheduled for July 18, but on that date there was an extraordinary EU summit in Brussels. Frederiksen, as the representative of Denmark, should be there.

Therefore, the wedding was postponed for the third time, and this time everything worked out.

Local journalists found out that the prime minister had a small wedding – for 90 people.