The probability of a sudden sun explosion is voiced

The probability of a sudden sun explosion is voiced

The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) has studied the probability of a sudden solar explosion.

Anatoly Petrukovich, Director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told in his interview to RIA Novosti that it is unlikely.

“Extremely improbable. The behavior of the Sun, as a fusion reactor, is calculated and tested,” he said, answering a question about whether the Sun can suddenly explode.

The scientist noted that a catastrophic external impact on the Sun can be caused by the explosion of a nearby star, but “we have a quiet place in the galaxy, so supernovae are extremely rare in our neighborhood.

According to him, the nearest stars to the Earth, which theoretically could explode, are in tens of light years.

“These are blue giants, and they are all at a stage that is still far away from explosions,” said Petrukovich.

Earlier, on November 29, there was an explosion in the Sun, which was the most powerful explosion in three years. The flash was given the 4th point on a five-point scale. The explosion occurred on the side of the Sun, invisible from the Earth, so there is a possibility that the power of the flash was much stronger than it follows from the indications of space X-ray detectors.