The problem of Ilon Musk’s satellite internet revealed

The Starlink Internet terminal turned out to be sensitive to high temperatures.

In a post on Reddit user Starlink from Arizona revealed the unexpected problem of satellite Internet Ilon Musk. It turns out that the terminal, which consists of a satellite dish, can get hot and temporarily suspend its work – in this case, the transmission of Internet signals stops. In the subscriber’s service application a notification about the equipment overheating appeared. The author noted that at this point, the terminal standing in the sun heated up to 50 degrees.

The problem of Ilon Musk's satellite internet revealed

The tech support specialists advised the user to wait until the terminal cooled down to at least 40 degrees. After he doused the satellite dish with cold water, the Internet quickly recovered, but then disappeared. “The overheating started that day around 11:30 a.m. and stopped around 7 p.m.,” the Starlink subscriber noted.

According to him, the man went to the store and purchased several yards of sailcloth, with which he covered the plate. “Let’s see if it will affect the data rate,” the user noted in a conversation with reporters.

Journalists found several other user testimonies online that the Starlink terminal stops working at temperatures of 50 degrees or higher. Since the satellite dish must be in the open air for reliable signal reception, the problem of overheating may be quite acute in the summertime.

At the end of May it became known that the speed of Starlink satellite Internet has increased to a record 560 megabits per second. The starting group of satellites of the global network project from Ilon Musk was launched in May 2019.