The publication on Russia’s promotion of the killing of American soldiers launched a “deep state”

The story of Trump’s conspiracy with Russia stretches from the 2016 U.S. election. After Mueller’s investigation ended, this topic was closed, but a few months before the 2020 election, sensational material was released in the United States. A New York Times article states Russia allegedly provoked militants in Afghanistan to kill American soldiers, and Donald Trump knew about this, but did nothing.

The US President denies all allegations and calls such a publication a provocation. Who is behind the sensational information, how Trump can answer, and how it threatens Russia, we were told by Vladimir Vasilyev, the chief researcher at the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“A Serious Blow to the US Presidential Administration”

“Potentially, this is a very serious blow to the presidential administration, and in many ways this is a blow personally to Trump. It is indicative of what moment was chosen for the publication of this information.

It coincided with the publication of Bolton’s book. This book can be interpreted in different ways, but one of the main interpretations is as follows: Trump was weak in communication with the Russian president, and Putin completely outplayed him.

The Trump administration is really accused of the fact that the report of American intelligence did not lead to any consequences. In fact, the president’s team got acquainted with him and put him under the cloth. Most likely, such a report did exist, and the fact that Trump did not respond to it speaks volumes.

It seems that the arguments made by American intelligence did seem trump to Trump. Most likely, the report stated some suspicions, but nothing concrete was said. And Trump decided not to respond to the report.

“The riot of the” deep state “

This information leak continues the rebellion line of the American “deep state” (Deep state – in the USA, Donald Trump’s supporters use this term to refer to the shadow “state in the state”, intelligence and executive officials, and officials who define policies through media leaks or other internal means – “MK”). It must be understood that the “deep state” has not gone away. And in particular, it includes intelligence.

It is clear that Trump would like to purge this department. They even talked about what could be shared by the FBI. In short, Trump would like to seriously engage in what is happening in these structures.

In such a situation, American intelligence and struck back. It was the representatives of this organization who “leaked” information to the New York Times reporters. And this situation is very similar to the repetition of the impeachment scenario, because it also appeared as a report from an informant from the CIA, and only then unfolded as a serious political process.

Therefore, we can say that the plot of the new scandal is very similar to the one with which the process of removing President Trump from power began. Moreover, many of the responses to the New York Times article were simply astounding. Some people think that this is information that Muller’s commission did not have enough to prove the fact of Trump’s collusion with Russia. ”

“Prevent Trump from turning the tide”

“At the end of June, Trump’s approval rating is at the lowest level since he was in power. And the blow was dealt in such a way that its rating continued to fall further. Right now, even Trump himself admits that at this stage he is clearly losing the presidential race, but he hopes to turn the tide. The current scandal is aimed at preventing the president from doing this.

In addition, another goal of this “drain” is to paralyze the Trump administration. This publication once again emphasizes that there are “moles” around the president and undermine his confidence in his own team. And this is not the last blow that the “moles” can inflict on Trump. In America, traditionally prepare “surprises” for the elections, and in the fall you can expect new revelations “

“How the top of the Senate will behave is not known”

“It is very important to what extent Congress, including a number of Trump supporters on Capitol Hill, is stepping up its efforts to push through a bill recognizing Russia as a sponsor of international terrorism. This can lead to important domestic political consequences.

Republicans face difficult Senate elections. Of the 17 “vacillating” Senate seats, 12 are in the hands of Republicans. Therefore, republican leaders may decide that it is important for them to maintain control of the Senate.

If in the end it is this line that will triumph, then the senators will begin to slowly move away from Trump. Traditionally in America, it is believed that the president is a locomotive, and he pulls along with his party members. However, in some cases, party leaders try not to associate themselves with the president. How today the top of the Senate will behave is not known.