“The Punishment of Berlin”: how the US pushes Germany to China

Donald Trump continues to put pressure on Germany through the withdrawal of US troops from German territory in order to include Berlin in his anti-Chinese campaign and deprive him of the opportunity to maintain neutrality in this matter. The White House threat policy reinforces the indignation of Germany, partly pushing the country to cooperate with Beijing. However, from the point of view of experts, the loss of neutrality will play against Germany, although the German authorities recognize the need for greater independence from the United States.

US President Donald Trump, in an interview with The Washington Post, reaffirmed his willingness to transfer some of the American troops from Germany to Poland. “I will return about half of the [servicemen] home, and the other half will go to places that deserve it,” Trump said.

Information that Washington intends to redeploy about 9.5 thousand American soldiers from German territory appeared in June. In Berlin, such a decision is perceived negatively, as the White House uses two long-standing controversial issues in the relations of the parties as an excuse – Germany’s unwillingness to raise defense spending to 2% of GDP and the desire of the German authorities to complete the Nord Stream-2 project.

The transfer of the US military to Poland, among other things, is likely to create tension in cooperation with Moscow – strengthening the contingent on Polish territory will violate the Russia-NATO Founding Act, namely, the provision on the deployment of a “substantial” amount of military alliance near Russian borders.

However, this circumstance does not concern the United States too much. From the point of view of the White House, the reasons for the withdrawal of soldiers are quite good, although a number of Western media attribute the situation to Trump’s “personal insult” to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Allegedly, the anger of the American leader is caused by the unwillingness of the head of the German government to go to Washington at the height of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to participate in the G7 summit.

From an economic point of view, this is a minus for Germany – the local communities that these American soldiers provided work will suffer, said Vladislav Belov, head of the Center for German Studies at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in conversation with Gazeta.Ru.

“There is no point in this conclusion of the military, unless Poland’s lobbyism coincided with Trump’s desire to point Germany to its place. The US President “punishes” Berlin for default.

Most Western experts call Trump’s decision stupid. Perhaps common sense will prevail in the Pentagon, and the US president will only bring this issue to the head of state election. However, with a high degree of probability, he will nevertheless take this step out of purely populist considerations that are not consistent with Washington’s objective interests within the framework of NATO in Europe, ”the expert noted.