The Republican Senate Commission wants to hear former Obama officials on Trump’s ties to Russia

11 months ago

The Senate Commission, led by Republicans and at the same time investigating the circumstances, the FBI’s case of the 2016 Donald Trump election campaign and his contacts with Russia

This is discussed in the material of the international news agency Reuters.

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has been authorized to bring dozens of former Obama administration officials to court, including former FBI Director James Komi and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Representatives of the Democratic Party demanded that lawyer President Rudi Giuliani, former lawyer Michael Cohen, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former campaign advisers Roger Stone and Rick Gates be called to testify in court.

Trump and his Republican allies claim that Special Advisor Robert Muller was a corrupt attempt to undermine Trump’s candidacy, and then his presidency.

Democrats view the current Senate investigation as a political ploy to harm Trump’s political rival Joe Biden.

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