The Rolling Stones want Trump to stop using their songs in campaigns

The famous rock band The Rolling Stones requires rallies and political campaigners Donald Trump to stop using their songs.

The group is threatening legal action against the US President’s campaign for unauthorized use of their music at his rallies. The Rolling Stones lawyers are working with BMI, an advocacy organization, on this issue.

“BMI notified the Trump campaign on behalf of the group that the unauthorized use of their songs would violate the license agreement. If Donald Trump ignores this and insists, then he faces a lawsuit, ”the statement said.

In particular, last week, during rallies in Tulsa, Trump campaign organizers used the 1968 band hit “You Can`t Always Get What You Want”.

Last week, the family of the late musician Tom Petty published a notice of refusal to participate in the Trump campaign after the songs were used in political actions.