11 months ago

The sale of US stocks and bonds has begun

11 months ago

The US Treasury Department has released statistics that speak of a huge problem with public debt. And American billionaires began to get rid of securities.

Today, the birdie brought the news that foreign investors are reducing their stocks of US bonds. So, for example, the friendly country of Saudi Arabia sold US government debt of $ 25.3 billion. Brazil and India got rid of slightly smaller amounts (and Amazon was trying so hard to invest in the economy of this country). A little about bonds got rid of China and Russia.

But this is not the most interesting.

American billionaires have begun to massively criticize government policies and get rid of potentially distressed assets. Warren Buffett sold 84% of his shares in Goldman Sachs, the largest US financial institution. Although it was he who in 2008 bought this stake. That is, then there was faith in the American economy, but now not?

Other investors: David Tepper, Stanley Druckenmiller spoke very negatively about the development of the whole situation. It should be noted that Tepper is quite accurate in his forecasts – he predicted the largest drop in the Dow Jones index in just a day.

Investors are also afraid that an extremely aggressive policy towards China is inadmissible in this case, since the virus has severely undermined all budgets. And America simply does not have enough funds to support such a cold war and new sanctions.

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