The scientist explained the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The scientist explained the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Australian explorer Shane Sutterley proposed a new version of the loss of five planes over the Bermuda Triangle in 1945.

According to Sutterley, the cause of the tragedy was crew errors. In particular, Lieutenant Charles Taylor, commander of the link, after dark and changing weather began to navigate not by instruments, but by what was happening outside the window.

“Taylor was lost more than once during the flight. He had to flee twice in the Pacific Ocean”, – noted the researcher.

The scientist also noted that most crew members were trainees. According to Sutterley, this version of the Bermuda Triangle’s mystery was also recognized by the American military, but Taylor’s mother did not agree with it.

The woman said that until the plane is found, no one can shift the blame for the tragedy on her son. For this reason, the military reports so far indicate that “the reason is unknown.

In December 1945, five U.S. Navy torpedoes, known as Flight 19, commanded by Lieutenant Charles Taylor, went on a training mission, but disappeared from the radar, finding themselves in the Bermuda Triangle.

Earlier, we wrote that the scientists had discovered the second “Bermuda Triangle. In 2009, unexpectedly for all Air France aircraft, which was going from Rio de Geneiro to Paris, disappeared from the radar.

Only after some time, the wreckage was found in the ocean. As experts found out, the wreckage was caused by equipment failure.