The second wave of unrest has begun in the USA

Protests in the United States flared up with renewed vigor after the murder in the state of Georgia of African-American Reichard Brookes. In Atlanta, a group of demonstrators tried to block the highway, speaking out against police arbitrariness, and also went to the governor’s house, demanding justice in a new trial. However, even African Americans themselves admit – the situation with the Brooks murder is ambiguous.

In a small parking lot near the Wendis diner in Atlanta, the crowd has been on duty for several days almost around the clock. He gathers with posters until dawn, closes the highway, then organizes a procession through the city this time to the house of the Governor of Georgia. Even the storm that struck Atlanta cannot disperse them.

This time they demand justice no longer for George Floyd, but for another black man shot by a policeman. 27-year-old Reishard Brooks drunk asleep while driving in a parking lot, blocked the exit for others, and when the police arrived, he resisted. Brooks took a stun gun from one of the officers and used it. In response, the police opened fire. As a result, the African American died, the police fired, and the diner, next to which everything happened, was burned.

Immediately, protesters across the country added Brooks to the list of victims of racism and police violence. The name appeared on posters in Los Angeles, where thousands of people marched in protest. They shouted out the name of the African American at the White House along with the slogan that the life of black people matters. They honored the memory of the deceased Brooks and general silence at the protest in Boston. However, not everyone is ready to classify the deceased as victims of racism. Including the black ones themselves.

“I think that in this situation everything is not so clear as with the brutal murder committed in Minnesota. It is necessary that the incident in Atlanta be sorted out by specialists who know what needs to be done in such circumstances. It is difficult to say with certainty whether the policeman understood that Brooks, who turned sharply on the officer, had a stun gun in his hands, not a firearm. In this case, the circumstances are not clear, “said US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

But the protesters are not particularly concerned. In Atlanta, after the Brooks incident, unrest erupted with renewed vigor. The incident at the diner intensified indignation at rallies in other cities, which has been going on for the third week throughout the country. Authorities noted that if residents continue to gather for protests, the removal of quarantine measures can be forgotten.

“It is necessary to ensure compliance with the law. Now there are large gatherings of people that violate the law, and which are more likely to lead to the spread of the virus. Local authorities must do their job! If you do not, then we will have to act at the state level. And the only an alternative would be to stop weakening, “said Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York.

But even if the protesters did not go out into the streets, they already left their mark in protest. The gigantic inscriptions, “Blacks’ Life Matters,” have already appeared on San Francisco roads, occupied four lanes on Fulton Street in New York, and painted asphalt on the Los Angeles roadway.