The second wave was not long in coming: China returns to quarantine

11 months ago

As the world began to recover from a virus that literally stopped life on the entire planet, disturbing news came back from China. A new outbreak of the unfortunate virus has been recorded in Jilin Province.

BLOOMBERG reports that China has quarantined 108 million people again. In the north-east of the country, the way out of isolation conditions was not successful.

The province again closes schools, centers and stops public transport.

“People feel insecure again. Children playing masks again on the street, health workers walk in protective gear. This is frustrating because we don’t know when it will end, ”said an employee of one of the local trading companies.
Fearing a recurrence of the disaster, the government is in a hurry to introduce the most stringent measures in order to prevent a full-scale second wave of the spread of the virus.

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