The snake climbed into the car and brought to hysteria a motorist in the middle of the road

11 months ago

A resident of the United States was driving along the road to the city of Eureka, Missouri, and was shocked when she found a snake under her feet. It is reported by the Daily Star.

Police Yuriki said in a post on Facebook that a woman turned to them for help, who in the middle of the road found that a snake had got into her car. The motorist got hysterical, and law enforcement officers arrived at the scene.

The police drove the car off the road. They decided to wait for the reptile to leave the car peacefully, because they did not know what species it belonged to, and could not determine whether the snake was poisonous. In the end, the reptile crawled out of the car. A local resident helped the police to move the snake to a more suitable place for her.

“The woman gathered her courage and continued the trip,” police said.

The post collected more than 484 likes, they shared it 185 times. He collected over 200 comments from Missouri residents who expressed concern for the reptile. One user wrote: “It’s easy for them to get into the car. This has happened to me many times. ” “My husband took the car to the service a few years ago, and inside they found a copper. A car service employee put her in a bucket and decided to keep it for herself, ”wrote another subscriber.

Earlier it was reported that in Sochi, rescuers partially dismantled the car in order to get a large snake lurking inside. Arriving workers partially dismantled the car to rescue the skid: they removed the headlight and unscrewed the front bumper.

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