The State Duma assessed the first results of the US presidential election

State Duma Deputy Dmitry Novikov assessed the first results of the US presidential election.

According to him, the summing up of the voting results will be delayed, and the dramatic election campaign will end with the same dramatic vote count. Novikov noted that while the positions of the candidate from the US Democratic Party, Joe Biden, look somewhat preferable. At the same time, the deputy stressed that it is too early for the current US President Donald Trump to “lay down arms”, since the count is still underway, and a number of hesitant states can support him.

Earlier, the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin called the US elections a staged show of two parties. Volodin noted that the Russian political system is more “open, effective and legitimate”, since it allows a larger number of parties before the elections, and “bipartisanship is not a multiparty system yet.”