The state of Georgia will recount all votes in the US election

In one of the key us States, the votes will be recounted, since the difference between Biden and trump is minimal. The result will be known on November 20

In one of the key us States of Georgia, a full recount of votes in the presidential election will be held. The final results of the vote in the region will be announced on November 20, CNBC reports, citing state Secretary Brad Raffensperger.

According to him, this decision was made because the difference between the two candidates is minimal.

“Because the gap is so small, a full manual recount will be required in each district,” Raffensperger said.

According to Fox News, Georgia processed 99% of the ballots. According to preliminary data, 2,471,906 people voted for Joe Biden, while 2,457,794 voters voted for Donald Trump.

It was also reported that Trump won the election in Alaska.

Earlier it became known that trump is not giving up. How the US election will be contested.