The state of Wisconsin has announced the cost of recounting votes

The authorities of the U.S. state of Wisconsin estimated the possible recount of votes in the presidential elections in the U.S. at 7.9 million dollars, the State Election Commission reports.

“District employees in Wisconsin have provided an estimate of about $7.9 million for recount throughout the state,” according to a statement from the Election Commission, which also notes that the amount is much higher than the cost of recounting in the last election in 2016.

However, the head of the Wisconsin election commission Megan Wolf said that the state has not yet finally decided whether the recount will be held. Previously, she said she was unaware of any significant violations during the voting.

“But we want voters in Wisconsin to know that we’re ready,” the commission’s statement says.

She added that if recalculated, the process should be completed by December 1.

Earlier, President Donald Trump’s team demanded a recount of votes in Wisconsin, claiming it was one of the states where election fraud took place.
The U.S. presidential election was held on November 3. According to media reports, Joe Biden won, and he himself has already announced his victory. Acting President Trump has not yet admitted defeat, his lawyers are suing the courts of different states with demands to suspend the counting of votes and to investigate the alleged violations.

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