10 months ago

The stranger began to cough on a one-year-old child because his mother did not keep the distance

10 months ago

Police in San Jose, California, turned to the public for help finding a woman who was photographed coughing for a one-year-old child in Yogurtland on Friday, June 12. At the moment, the authorities consider her actions as criminal.

According to authorities, the incident occurred in Yogurtland at 5638 Cottle Road at about 17:25, when the suspect was upset that a woman with a child waiting in line with her did not keep social distance. Then the stranger took off the mask and coughed several times in the face of the child. Police posted a video of the incident in the hope that someone would recognize the woman. If the suspect can be found, she could face up to 6 months in prison.

Everyone who knows anything about the incident is asked to contact the police department at (408) 277-4161 or (408) 947-7867 – in case they want to remain anonymous.

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