The studio did not allow the director of “Fantastic Four” to hire a black actress

11 months ago

Josh Trunk, director of the movie Fantastic Four, said the studio refused to hire a black actress for the film

About this writes the publication Indiewire.

Initially, the director wanted to choose black actors immediately for the roles of Johnny Storm and Sue Storm. However, the studio refused him this. Therefore, Sue Storm will be played by actress Kate Mara.

“There have been many conflicting conversations that have been behind the curtains about black Sue Storm,” Trank said. – I was most interested in black Sue Storm, black Johnny Storm and black Franklin Storm. But when you are dealing with a studio working on a film like “Fantastic Four,” everyone wants to have an open mind about who the main characters will be … But when it came to that, I saw considerable resistance in choosing a black actress for this role. ”

As Josh explained, he regrets that he did not defend his point of view to the end.

The Fantastic Four, which became a reload of the 2005 film, received mostly negative reviews from critics and fans. In the American box office, she raised $ 56 million and $ 168 million in global box office with a budget of $ 155 million.

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