10 months ago

The swan died of a “broken heart” after its nest was destroyed by vandals

10 months ago

Mother Swan died of a “broken heart” after her eggs were crushed by vandals, and her partner disappeared without a trace

The offspring of birds died last month, and did not have time to be born: a group of teenagers almost completely destroyed the nest in Bolton (Greater Manchester), throwing bricks and stones. Of the 6 eggs that the pair hatched, 3 were broken. Soon after, one of the swans disappeared – apparently under the influence of stress. The female was found dead last week.

According to activists who watched the nest, after the incident, she lost two more eggs and probably could not cope with what happened alone. According to the Swan Sanctuary, when their partners die or disappear, the swans mourn just like humans. Resigned to the loss, they usually find themselves a new home or join the pack – but, obviously, the pain of this mother was too great.

“The love of her whole life was gone because of the stress they experienced. “Sam Woodrow, an activist, commented on the incident.“ Most likely, she was killed by a mental pain. ” At the moment, the authorities are investigating the incident and looking for hooligans who destroyed the nest.

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