The true effectiveness of masks in protecting against coronavirus is disclosed

11 months ago

Scientists at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus have revealed that medical masks do not provide complete protection against coronavirus with repeated coughing, which reduces their effectiveness.

Using computer models, the researchers tracked the spread of small droplets released into the air when coughing and sneezing if a person is wearing a mask. Experts have already shown that without a mask, droplets of saliva can fly 5.5 meters in five seconds. The results of the new work showed that the mask does prevent the spread of drops, but its true ability to filter decreases with constant coughing when a person is sick.

Even when wearing a mask, drops can travel up to one meter with a slight cough. This personal protective equipment is not able to completely eliminate the spread of liquid particles of different sizes. According to scientists, this shows that social distance remains the main way to prevent infection.

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