10 months ago

The Trump administration commented on the information about the secret withdrawal of troops from Germany

10 months ago

US President Donald Trump does not plan to “punish” German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the withdrawal of US troops from Germany. This was stated by spokeswoman for the head of the White House Kaylee Makinani. Her words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

During the briefing, Makinani was asked whether the American leader was going to “punish” Merkel for refusing to participate in the G7 meeting that Trump wanted to organize in Washington in late June.

“He [Trump] never decides to punish certain world leaders, he acts in the interests of the United States,” said a spokeswoman for the American leader. At the same time, Makinani noted that she could not confirm the fact of the decision on the withdrawal of troops.

Merkel found it impossible to have a personal presence at the White House meeting because of the situation with coronavirus.

Earlier, Der Spiegel reported that US authorities decided to withdraw part of their troops from Germany, but did not warn local authorities about this.

On June 6, US President Donald Trump ordered a reduction in the size of the US military contingent stationed in Germany. Currently, 34.5 thousand US military are located on the territory of the country. The head of state ordered the Pentagon to reduce their numbers by 9.5 thousand. In addition, Trump ordered to limit the number of American troops serving in the Federal Republic of Germany at a time to 25 thousand people, instead of 52 thousand now permissible.

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