The Try Guys Explain ‘What Happened’ In New Video Tending To Ned Fulmer Terminating

The Try Guys have spoken out against Ned Fulmer, a founding member, for an extramarital affair that he had with an employee.

In a Monday video, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld (the remaining members of the YouTube channel that started its life at BuzzFeed) discussed Fulmer’s firing. It was titled “What happened?”

Yang spoke for the group, saying that they were shocked and deeply affected by this. Yang said, speaking on behalf of the group, “This was someone with whom we had built a brand and a business for eight years.” “We are deeply sorry for our employees and all those who believed in us, but also personally.”

Kornfeld, still in tears, said, “We’re not losing a friend. We’re losing someone who built a company together.”

According to the group, Fulmer was first discovered by them when they received a fan request over Labour Day weekend from fans stating that Fulmer had been “engaged in public romantic behavior with an employee at Try Guys” and that it had been ongoing for some time.

Habersberger stated that the revelation was shocking and that they didn’t know what was happening. Yang explained that the group started a three week process of engaging with “employment lawyers and corporate lawyers, HR and PR, and other professionals to ensure that we were taking the right steps.”

He said, “From the jump we were acutely conscious of how contrary it was to the values that we built the company,” he continued.

They cited legal reasons as to why they couldn’t discuss further details of the review. Fulmer was removed from the company by the group on September 16. Fulmer was removed from the company by the remaining Try Guys on September 16. They claimed that they had scrapped Fulmer’s content, which cost the group substantial amounts of money that they will not be able to recover. However, some content could not be removed or stopped from being released.

Kornfeld stated, “It’s strange, we’re sorry that it ever happened and we don’t have any other words to say.”

The group said that the Try Guys are still “just sorta figuring it all out day by day.”

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