The U.S. accused Trump of “betrayal on a historic scale”

The U.S. accused Trump of "betrayal on a historic scale"

Former U.S. President Donald Trump should be permanently banned from holding elected office, including the post of head of state. Such a call is contained in a broad statement of impeachment of Trump, which was prepared by members of the Democratic Party of the House of Representatives.

As the publication notes, the Democrats in their appeal to the senators noted that such measures would secure the American electoral system from any abuse by Trump in the future. “Trump has attacked the electoral process itself, which must be protected from him [Trump] and anyone else who attempts to act in a similar way,” the document stresses.

It also states that the former president’s actions can be assessed as a “betrayal of historic proportions,” and that he is responsible for the “chaos” that followed his appeals to supporters after his electoral defeat. In particular, Democrats stressed that Trump deliberately engaged in inciting riots and literally drove the Americans who supported him “to insanity.”

In addition, Democratic Party officials refused to consider Trump’s impeachment process, which has been ongoing since his presidency, unconstitutional. “A president should be fully accountable for his conduct in office from day one to the last,” they explained.

That said, The Washington Post writes, Trump’s attorneys plan to focus specifically on proving that such impeachment is unconstitutional. A similar position, apparently, plans to adhere to the majority of Republican senators, voting for the dismissal of charges against the former U.S. leader.

On January 6, protesting Republican supporters stormed the Capitol building and surrounded the Senate chamber. The Senate and House of Representatives adjourned a session scheduled to approve the results of the past election. During the protests, police detained nearly 70 rioters and five people were killed. On January 14, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump over the unrest in Washington. The impeachment process will begin after February 8.

Afterwards, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump was thinking about creating a new political party. Later, Jason Miller, an adviser to the former U.S. leader’s campaign staff, denied this information. According to him, Trump “has made it clear that his goal is to take back the Senate and the House of Representatives for Republicans in 2022.”