The U.S. Air Force conducted exercises at an Arctic base

The U.S. Air Force conducted exercises at an Arctic base

The exercise was designed to test the ability of Eileson Air Force Base to rapidly generate air power

More than 30 fighter jets and two tanker planes took part in an exercise at Eulesson Air Force Base, near Fairbanks, Alaska.

The purpose of the exercise was to test the capability of this Arctic base to rapidly generate combat air power, base commanders said.

The pilots practiced a formation movement known as an “elephant walk,” in which fighters take off almost simultaneously, side by side, like a herd of elephants.

“The elephant walk is not just about practicing our quick reaction capabilities,” said U.S. Air Force Col. David Skalicki, commander of the 354th Task Force.

“It’s designed to show our airmen who work behind the scenes what Eulesson Base is all about, to demonstrate our power in the Arctic arena,” he added.

Eighteen F-35A fighters, 12 F-16 fighters and two KC-135 refueling planes participated in the exercise.

“Stay tuned because our combat capabilities will continue to grow, and I’m incredibly proud of the disciplined, professional, combat-focused approach our team demonstrated today,” said Air Wing Commander Col. David Berkland.