The U.S. Ambassador in Warsaw allowed the deployment of American nuclear weapons in Poland

11 months ago

US Ambassador to Warsaw Georgett Mosbacher admitted that the Americans could relocate their nuclear weapons from Germany to Poland. In Berlin, there are ongoing disputes over the expediency of deploying nuclear weapons in the country.

“If Germany wants to reduce NATO’s nuclear capability and weaken the alliance, perhaps Poland, which clearly fulfils its obligations, is aware of the risks and is on the eastern flank of NATO, could deploy the appropriate forces and capabilities,” Mosbacher wrote on Twitter in the evening of May 15.

The dispute over the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Germany has been going on for weeks. Prominent representatives of the Social Democratic Party are demanding its withdrawal, but their partners in the ruling coalition from the Christian Democratic Union are categorically against it.

American nuclear weapons have been stored on the territory of Germany since 1950s, at the peak of confrontation between the USA and the USSR the size of the arsenal reached 5 thousand charges. Today we are talking about much more modest figures – about 20 B61 bombs.

On Thursday, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Granell published an article in the newspaper Die Welt calling on Berlin not to “undermine the solidarity that underlies NATO’s nuclear deterrence,” but to “fulfill its obligations to the allies and continuously invest in the alliance’s collective nuclear capabilities. Europe, he said, is threatened by Russia, China, North Korea and several other countries. “If Germany wants to contribute to peace, as its leadership claims, now is the time to show it through solidarity. Will Germany accept this responsibility or will it reject the economic benefits of security guaranteed by other allies?”. – he asked. Richard Grennell did not hint at the possibility of nuclear bombs being exported to Poland.

Polish authorities have not yet responded to Georgette Mosbacher’s post. It should be noted that deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of Poland would be a flagrant violation of the Russia-NATO Founding Act of 1997.

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